Problems in Jewellery Industry

The gloss and shine of a gold chain tend to lose their aesthetic attention after the habitual usage of gold. ‘Tumbling”, a polishing method, becomes the first choice made by people to restore the gold chain's shine and stunning beauty. As a Jewellery Manufacturer/Retailer, you’re at a high risk of making the wrong gold transaction. Yes! And detecting a foreign object in the jewel becomes more tedious.

The presence of tumbling pins of sizes 1 mm to 5 mm can’t be detected with the conventional methods. Buying or Selling jewellery with a defect makes you lose your Brand Reputation.

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Problem in Jewel Industry

Our Inventions

Ferrous Particle Detector Machine, a Patented Technology, is the best ever solution for you to save up your Brand’s Reputation, do Quality Gold transactions, win Customer Trust and Satisfaction, and more importantly, reduce fake gold jewellery from your vendors and manufacturer.

V4.0 Standard - Technical Specification

V4.0 Standard
Dimensions (LXBXH)1450mm x 400mm x 200mm
Power50Hz, 230v, | Phase, 60W
OperatingO to 40 degree Celsius
Motor Speed100 Rpm
Component Checking time3sec/component (Dual scan)

V4.0 Compact - Technical Specification

V4 Compact
Dimensions (LXBXH)850mm x 450mm x 200mm
Power50Hz, 230v, | Phase, 60W
Operating TempO to 40 degree Celsius
Motor Speed100 Rpm
Component Checking time6sec / component (Single scan )

Competitive Benefits


Designed for Easy and Smart Detection of Ferrous Particles

Compact & Light weight

Ergonomic and space saving design with dimensions 1450mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 200mm(H)

Camera based Detect locating system

This system allows the user to pinpoint the exact location of the ferrous pin in a jewel through a realtime photograph

Online Remote Drive

Machine can be serviced or monitored from anywere in the world

IOT 4.0 Compatable

Machine data’s can be monitored, stored on-line and can be viewed in mobile app (or) website

Artificial Intelligence

Failure detection possibility has been reduced to 90% even in the noisy environments

Adjustable height

Adjustable scanning height up to 7cm allows the user to test double sized jewels (only in dual scan model).

Intuitive android based touch screen

Userfriendly interface that allows any user to use the app without any training

Ultra Sensitive Sensor

Upgraded Sensitivity level of sensing 2.0mmx0.25mm allows the user to detect even the minutest Ferrous Pins.

Highspeed Conveyor Design

Allows the user to easily & quickly segregate the defect and non-defect jewels.

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